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Behind the Scenes of “Legally Blonde” at Ohio State

The Ohio State University Department of Theatre’s November 2018 rendition of the Broadway musical “Legally Blonde” marries the fun, girl-power themes of the 2001 book-turned-film with upbeat and comical musical numbers, like “Omigod You Guys” and “Bend and Snap.” Cindy Tran Nguyen, a theatre and marketing double major at Ohio State, brings her own charm and sense of individuality to the lead character of Elle Woods — something that will appeal to old and new “Legally Blonde” fans alike. Learn more >>

Did astronomers discover an alien signal?

Though the pursuit of aliens has largely come up empty, one strange discovery at Ohio State in 1977 continues to baffle scientists and stoke imaginations that maybe we aren’t alone in the universe: the “Wow! signal.” The curious signal was detected  by Ohio State’s Radio Observatory (the “Big Ear” telescope), which surveyed the sky between 1973-95. Learn more >>


I made this video in high school to be used as part of my application for the 2012 Film Fest Committee, which is a group of approximately 10 seniors who shoot, direct and edit the school’s annual film fest.