Graphic Design

image of person with text 'ask amy'
Happy 2022 from The Ohio State University College of Public Health
Diversity is Excellence: The Ohio State University College of Public Health
Created for The Ohio State University College of Public Health
Image with text 'On World Wildlife Day, we recognize that ecosystems can only be resilient when all members of the wildlife community are valued and protected. At PARC, we work to conserve reptiles, amphibians, and their habitats; recover threatened species; and keep common species common. - Melissa Youngquist, co-chair, Midwest PARC'
Graphic with text 'Herpetology field etiquette Know the laws. Do you need a permit? Which species are endangered or threatened? PROTECT THE ANIMALS. Return herps as close as possible to where you found them. Do not disclose sensitive location information. PROTECT THE HABITAT. Return cover objects to their original position . Tread lightly and stay on trails when possible. PROTECT YOURSELF AND OTHERS. Know venomous species. Wash your hands after handling animals.'
Graphic describing website visitors, meeting attendees, awards, grants and social media followers, of the Midwest Partners for Amphibian and Reptile Conservation.
Created for Midwest Partners in Amphibian and Reptile Conservation