Davidson Film Fest 2012

Film Fest 2012 is a hilarious adventure through time and space as 12 high school students are sent into five different dimensions from a 5-dimensional camera meltdown. The students know nothing about each other, but must quickly work together to solve their problems and fix what the 5D camera has set in motion.

Written, directed and produced by: Joshua Walz, Denise Blough, Turner Roof, Zach Wilke, Weston Lundquist, Whitney Weadock, Kelly McManamon, Matt Snyder, Nate Evans, Molly Mrofchak, Adam Mosely, Jared Truxall

Music by: Nate Evans, Weston Lundquist, Denise Blough, Matt Snyder, The Doors, The Beatles, The Bee gees and Spoon.

(Film Fest 2012 claims no rights or ownership to the copyrighted music presented in the film)